RoboCup CoSpace Challenge
World Robot Conference 2016

(Pre-RoboCup- Asia-Pacific)

Beijing, China
21-25 October 2016

CoSpaceRobot is well accepted by students and teachers in 40+ countries around the world for learning Robotics, Coding, Computational Thinking and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics). CoSpace Challenge is an official sub-league of RoboCupJunior. It provides a fun and engaging way for young people to develop their computational thinking skills and to get involved in programming and algorithm development.

RoboCup CoSpace Challenge aims to develop specific and strong connections between RoboCupJunior and RoboCup Major by creating junior leagues directly connected with major leagues, e.g. CoSpace Rescue, CoSpace@Home, CoSpace OnStage, CoSpace@Work, CoSpace Logistics and etc.

Instead of focusing on competition only, CoSpaceRobot platform emphasizes shared and reciprocal learning among all participants through the Robotics and Maker Academy (RMA) programme founded by Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) Singapore.

RoboCup CoSpace Challenge will be held in conjunction of the 2nd World Robot Conference, Beijing, China, 21-25 October 2016. This is also part of pre-event of the upcoming RoboCup-Asia- Pacific.

RoboCup CoSpace Challenge @ World Robot Conference 2016:

CoSpace Make, Code and Challenge

For beginners. No prior robotics and programming experience required!

The learning journey includes facilitator led demonstration and hands-on session for you to understand the exciting field of robotics through Make, Code and Challenge. The hands-on session provides an avenue for you to learn how to design/create and code your own virtual robot. The virtual robot programme can then be downloaded onto a physical robot build by yourself to act out basic movements and commands. You will have a chance to take part in the CoSpace Racing Robot Challenge to share your robot control strategy with students joining the challenge.

CoSpace F1 Challenge

In the CoSpace Grand Prix Challenge, each team will have two robots, a virtual robot and a real robot. The teams have to develop appropriate strategies and program both the real and virtual robots to race in the virtual/real co-existent space.


RoboCupJunior CoSpace Rescue

The CoSpace Rescue Competition is the sub-league of RoboCupJunior competition. It is available to all students aged between 8 and 18.
In CoSpace Rescue, a team has to develop appropriate strategies for both real and virtual autonomous robots to navigate through the real and virtual arenas and collect objects while competing with another robot that is performing the same mission.

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RoboCupJunior CoSpace OnStage Challenge

CoSpace Dance is part of the RoboCupJunior Dance Challenge.
CoSpace Dance involves interactions between humans and real/virtual robots dressed in costumes to deliver a theatre show in CoSpace. The theme delivered can include speech, gesture, music, dance, and a combination of other performing arts.

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International CoSpace Online Challenge (iCooL)

Having closely followed the rise of E-Sport over the years, it is believed that we can emulate the success of E-Sport in engaging people from a very wide section of society. E-Sport, which unlike other sports gives almost everyone who owns a computer, a chance to actively participate as an active competitor instead of a passive spectator. In order to expose more people to robotics and programming, a succession of monthly International CoSpace OnLine (iCooL) Challenge Series leading up to the online edition of RCJ CoSpace Rescue Challenge at World Robot Conference 2016 will be organised. The iCooLChallenge® provides an opportunity for students around the world to take part in the RoboCupJunior CoSpace Challenge remotely.

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If you are interested to take part in the RoboCup CoSpace Challenge @ World Robot Conference 2016, please contact:

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