International CoSpace OnLine Challenge – iCooLChallenge® 2016
Fall Season and Year-end Grand Final

The iCooLChallenge 2016 (Fall Season) is formed by 3 challenges:

• iCooL Auguest Challenge (Final @ 8 Sept 2016)

• iCooL Spetember Challenge (Final @ 23 Sept 2016)

• iCooLChallenge® Season Final @ 17 Oct 2016

CoSpaceRobot® is well accepted by students around the world for learning Robotics, Coding, Computatredional Thinking and STEM. CoSpace Rescue Challenge is an official sub-league of RoboCupJunior. It provides a fun and engaging way for young people to develop their computational thinking skills and to get involved in programming and algorithm development.

Having closely followed the rise of E-Sport over the years, it is believed that we can emulate the success of E-Sport in engaging people from a very wide section of society. E-Sport, which unlike other sports gives almost everyone who owns a computer, a chance to actively participate as an active competitor instead of a passive spectator. In order to expose more people to robotics and programming, a succession of monthly International CoSpace OnLine (iCooL) Challenge Series leading up to the online edition of RCJ CoSpace Rescue Challenge at RoboCup 2016 will be organised. The iCooLChallenge® provides an opportunity for students around the world to take part in the RoboCupJunior CoSpace Challenge remotely.

During the iCooLChallenge® Fall Season, the iCoolChallenge Qualifiers will be held in a two months period in August and September, namely iCooL August Challenge and iCooL September Challenge.

During each month’s challenge, the 4 top ranking teams in each age group, namely Primary and Secondary, will be invited to participate in iCooLChallenge Season Final in October ( with the same RCJ CoSpace Rescue mission).

Instead of using an accumulative point based system, we will use a high score system to ensure that participants who join in later will not be unfairly penalized. Therefore the results for each month’s challenge will be reset at the end of the month. Should any of the 4 winners (each age group) from the previous month’s challenge place in the top 4 in the latest month, the next highest ranking player, i.e. player ranked 5th will be selected.

The iCooLChallenge 2016 Year-end Grand Final Challenge:

The top 4 teams of each age group from both Summer Season and Fall Season together with some invited teams from participating countries will be invited to take part in the Annual Grand Final on 21 October, in conjunction with the World Robot Conference 2016, 21 – 25 Oct 2016, Beijing.


Age Group:

• Primary team – all team members must under 14 years old.

• Secondary team – if one member in the team is above 14 and under 19 years old.


• RoboCupJunior CoSpace Rescue | Rule

How to participate:

• Step 1 – Register for the challenge. Upon successful registration, an email will be sent to teams on detail procedures;

• Step 2 – Download CoSpace Rescue Simulator 2016R(CoSpace Rescue Simulator 2016R V2.0 wil be used);

• Step 3 – Download the challenge map;

• Step 4 – Work on CoSpace Rescue programming;

• Step 5 – Submit your solution via the online submission portal.

iCooLChallenge® 2016 Fall Season Bracket:

iCooL Aug Challenge

iCooL Sept Challenge

iCooL Grand Challenge

26 Aug 2016

12 Sept 2016

30 Sept 2016
Invitation will be sent to the invited teams

2 Sept 2016
Registration close

19 Sept 2016
Registration close

9 Oct 2016
Registration close

5 Sept 2016
Challenge released

20 Sept 2016
Challenge released

10 Oct 2016
Challenge released

8 Sept 2016

22 Sept 2016

13 Oct 2016

12 Sept 2016
Result will be announced

26 Sept 2016
Result will be announced

17 Oct 2016
Result will be announced

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