What is CoSpace Robot?

The CoSpace Robot, developed by the Advanced Robotics & Intelligent Control Centre (ARICC) of Singapore Polytechnic, consists of real robot, virtual robot, and simulator. It is a new robotic concept that combines and connects robotics in a real, physical space with a 3D virtual-reality world in cyber-space. The CoSpace Robot allows users to create and program robots in both virtual and real environments using the same programming logic. It is designed to integrate infocomm technology, digital game based learning with educational robotics to interest, excite and engage young generation into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), computational thinking and programming. The CoSpace Robot has the following features:

✔Customisable 3D virtual environments with simulated real-world physics
Easy-to-learn and interactive graphical interface
Support high level programming language coding for the advanced users
✔Both virtual and real robot runs on same codes
Safe and conducive environment for users to experiment
FREE CoSpace Virtual Simulator for students


Real World

Virtual World

Physical Models

CoSpace Robot System Architecture


What CoSpace Robot Offer?


How CoSpace Robot Engage Students?

Play @ CoSpace

Exploring @ CoSpace

Learning @ CoSpace

Design @ CoSpace


Making @ CoSpace

Competition@ CoSpace


★An official competition platform for RoboCupJunior International Challenge.
★Adopted by the Robotics and Maker Academy in Singapore.
★A platform for European Union Lifelong Learning Programme.
★Used by schools in more than 20 countries, including UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Japan, China, Iran, Mexico, Brazil and etc.
★Adopted by more than 300 schools in UK for education in computational thinking through sponsorship by British Telecom.
★Bridge abstract academic learning with real-world scenario to bring learning “alive”.

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